Jscript for Text-Formating with RightMouseButton (R1.0)

WYSIWYG-Text-Formating for any Textarea (R2.0)

with Security Check (R3.0)

* NEW * with Div-Tools for Online-Designing (R4.0) * NEW *

* NEW * Editor-Options, Open/Save-Local Files, Content Recover, Chipcard-Data Insert, Find (R5.0) * NEW *

Textarea 1:
Textarea 2:

Very easy installation:

You need to add below lines at bottom of your HTML-Pages (e.g. direct before </BODY> or between </BODY> and </HTML> or after </HTML>) .
That's all.
Then you can input HTML-Codes (or something else) fast and correctly into any text-input element (input text, textarea).
By Textarea can user format their Text visually, if they want.

<script>QBPATH='http://....../jscript'; VISUAL=1; SECURE=1;</script>
<script src='http://......./jscript/quickbuild.js'></script>

<script src='http://......./jscript/tabedit.js'></script>


VISUAL=0 : Textarea turn to Editor after confirmation
VISUAL=1 : all Textareas turn to Editors
VISUAL=2 : some spezific iframes turn to Editors
VISUAL=3 : all Iframe turn to Editors
VISUAL>3 : no Visual-Editor, only use Rightmouse-Control

SECURE=1 : all tags <script>, <meta>, on-events.... turn to normal text

UPLOAD-feature needs also editing the file "upload.html" (see there).

If you want to turn on only one specific textarea, then :

<script>QBPATH='http://....../jscript'; VISUAL=-1; SECURE=1;</script>
<script src='http://......./jscript/quickbuild.js'></script>
<script src='http://......./jscript/tabedit.js'></script>


xxx= form index
yyy= textarea name

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Release by VIETDEV, welcome
R1.0 : 2002/04/23
R2.0 : 2002/05/23
R3.0 : 2002/06/12
R4.0 : 2002/07/08
R5.0 : 2002/09/26